Board of Directors

Community Action, Inc. is governed by a volunteer twenty-one (21) member Board of Directors.

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One-third of the members are persons elected as community representatives of the low-income population. Current members of the CAI Board representing the Communities we serve:

  • Dianne Ayvazian
  • Tabatha Colon
  • Nancy Doyle, Clerk-Secretary
  • Donna Ducharme
  • Reggie King
  • Roger LeMire, Sr.
  • Harold Lloyd, Assistant Clerk-Secretary
  • Michelle Roldan

One-third of members are elected from the private sector. Current members of the CAI Board, representing the private sector:

  • Claire Koffman
  • Harry Korslund, Treasurer
  • Michael Nesson
  • Lucinda Nolet, Chairperson
  • Richard Pettengill
  • Kathleen Shaw

One-third of the members are elected public officials or their appointees. Current Public Representatives:

  • Doug Dawes
  • Nancy Earls
  • Patti Gleason
  • Alison Lindstrom
  • Mary Ellen McEvoy-Lawlor
  • Sam Sasso

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CAI Board of Directors, please contact:

John Cuneo, Executive Director, 978-373-1971 ext. 223