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UPDATED NOTICE POSTED at 10:50 am ---- CAI will open today at 1 pm.  There will be no Head Start or Family Day Care transportation. However, family day care educators may be open. Please call your educator ahead of time to confirm. Day adult education classes are cancelled. The evening English @ Work class tonight is also cancelled.  Heating assistance, WIC and all other scheduled morning appointments will need to be rescheduled. Please call us to reschedule!  Afternoon appointments will occur as scheduled.  Homeowners with "no heat" emergencies should call 978-994-3430 any time the agency is closed (note - this number can ONLY be used for this purpose and no other). Tenants should call your landlords or, in the event he or she is unresponsive, call your community's code enforcement or health dept. offices.   Head Start and Family Day Care parents may also view Fox 25 Boston TV and/or look at www.Fox25Boston.com for added information and updates.  We will be listed as "CAI Head Start" and "CAI FDC."  IMPORTANT NOTE:   if you are coming to Washington Square this afternoon, please note that the City has declared a “Snow Emergency” until 5 pm today.  Parking is prohibited on Emerson, Merrimack, Washington and Essex streets.  Please allow extra time for walking from metered lots or from Bailey Blvd. where on street parking is allowed.”



CAI Adult Learning Center student, Shaunte Richards, shares her speech at the Learning Center's End-of-Year Celebration this past June. Community Action, Inc. sincerely thanks Ms. Richards for sharing her story with us and the community.


“Hello, my name is Shaunte. I am 20 years old and I am a student of Community Action’s HiSet Program. I live here in Haverhill. I have been through a lot, but my life has definitely improved. My mother wanted me to go back to school when I moved down here from Maine. I didn’t want to go back to high school because of experiences I’ve had.

I found these classes through my mentor. She helped me to get placed in classes as soon as I could. Taking these classes, I have been able to be in school and feel better about myself as a person. These classes have helped me find what I needed help to see. My future. These classes mean a lot to me. To me, they mean a second chance.

My goals are to come back in September and continue to go to school until I feel as though I am ready to start the tests to get my HiSet. I want to go to college for writing. I hope to become a writer of non-fiction stories and books.

My advice to my fellow classmates is to never give up on your dreams. We have all come this far and now, we know we can do anything just as long as we set our minds to it. We all have dreams and we all have come too far to give up now. So when life throws stuff at you, throw it right back. Each and every one of you are beautiful, strong, resilient adults. We control our futures- no one else does. We have pens in our hands, so let’s start writing our own life stories.”

Learn more about the CAI Adult Learning Center and the free programs it offers in the community, including: HiSET preparation, ESOL classes and more.


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